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Peter Wentzki with Australian Prime Minister, John Howard


  • To try to influence
    (the Government, politicians, legislators, etc) to favour a particular cause

  • To frequent the lobby in order to influence members or to collect political information

  • To conduct a campaign in order to influence public officials


    Government Lobbying -
    Australia and selected foreign governments

    Lobbying is the deliberate attempt to influence public policy and administration through various forms of advocacy.  It is a well established political and commercial practice, which, as the scope and reach of the federal government have expanded, so has the number of professional lobbyists and the sophistication with which they ply their trade.

    Lobbying is a service business.  A lobbyists task is to provide accurate information necessary to effectively promote or argue a standpoint with people who make decisions on behalf of a client or clients.

    Whether corporate or industry based, our government lobbying services are tailored to meet each client's particular needs and objectives.

    • Lobbying & Advocacy - written and oral testimony to the appropriate departmental personnel and agencies;

    • Strategy & Planning - assisting and guiding clients in the evaluation of their lobbying needs and implementation;

    • Monitoring & Reporting - on administrative activities, policy reviews, committee hearings and debates;

    • Presence - representing the client's interests including appearances at hearings, investigations and agency meetings.

    Our preferred Government Lobbying destinations outside Australia include Washington, London, Berlin, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Beijing and Shanghai.

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    Government lobbying and/or government related assignments in and outside Australia are carried out exclusively by the firm's partners, who reserve the right to terminate any commissions or assignments deemed politically or otherwise sensitive or damaging to Australia's relations with foreign governments.




    P Wentzki with Achmed Az, Chairman BKPM, Jakarta


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