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In the Boardroom,
the factory,
the farm gate,
the shipping terminal,
The CEO's office -

We understand the decisions that need to be made,
the resources and strategies necessary to improve our client's bottom line.

International Business Consulting

Ausnindo provides strategic advantage to clients through comprehensive, integrated services in complementary areas of expertise.  Our support services can be utilised across a broad range of activities including the following:-

Acquisitions and Mergers

Broad Menu Research

Consortium Facilitation/Industry Alliances


In-market Support activities

Joint Ventures

Market Entry Feasibility and Planning

Market Intelligence

Negotiation and Client Representation

Partner/Agent/Distributor Searches

Project Engineering

Assignments and Commissions completed in the Asia regions number over 500, representing  a wide variety of clients from most sectors of business, industry and commerce.

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Shanghai's new Pudong district



At AAP, we have a depth of experience in negotiation with foreign companies and overcoming country peculiar practices.


We have real-world coal-face grounding and understanding of how and when decisions are made.





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