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Consortium Facilitation & Industry Alliances

Consortia form to either search and compete for projects or to embark on projects already contracted. In either application the perceived benefits are in the sharing of costs, risks, resources, skills and expertise. Although more frequently encountered in building/construction, mining and engineering, the formation of off-shore focussed IT, health, and education consortia has increased noticeably.

What motivates companies to take part in a co-operative structure is the prospect of commercial gain. Once agreed to forming a consortium, the participants face the joint challenge of arriving at an equitable, viable and workable structure.

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific is experienced in advising and guiding a consortium through and beyond the formative process. We are experienced in working with and have represented the interests of a variety of consortia overseas. Our extensive public and private sector contact networks are a valuable asset to consortia targeting Asia.

Insofar as it concerns CF programs, we can be retained in an advisory capacity, commissioned for assignments on an as needed basis or contracted to the group for an agreed period and set of tasks.

The firm has guided the formation and has represented a variety of consortia in Asia, Middle East and Europe.


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We understand how to position clients, set and achieve goals in Asia without tying up the client's key personnel.






A dedicated Ausnindo consultant appointed to every client, working with the client team on-shore and off-shore, creates a seamless integration with the client's own executive and marketing teams.


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