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In-market Support Activities

Our firm's mission statement is, to at all times endeavour to minimise our client's risk, time, effort and costs.  To accomplish that, it is indispensable that we work with the client, both on and off-shore.

places considerable emphasis on the provision of "in-market" support, proven to be fundamental to the delivery of successful joint and other types of business ventures in Asia.  Whatever the phase of an assignment, be it project seeding, project engineering or on having progressed to the commercialisation of a venture.  On arrival at the overseas destination, our greatest adversary is time.  Usually, a host of issues need to be addressed, to which decisions are often required, there and then.  By accompanying the client at meetings, conferences and functions overseas, we are available to offer immediate consultation and guidance.  Moreover, we must be in a position to vigilantly monitor our clients and the opposing parties weaknesses and strengths.  We are there to closely observe discussions and negotiations in order to strategically and effectively guide our client's interest in the decision making process.

The firm's IMS services include, but are by no means limited to accompanying the client on pre-arranged meetings, site visits and functions.  Included in our IMS services are:

  • pre-meeting briefings - end of day de-briefings and progress reviews

  • regulatory and procedural briefings

  • observation and recommendation summaries

  • political, protocol and cultural briefings

IMS will also cater for air-travel, accommodation and ground transport arrangements and at point of destination provide for secretarial, interpreter, and translation services and organise dinner functions, recreational and social arrangements as requested. Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific in-market support programs rank among the most advanced and comprehensive available.



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We understand how to position clients, set and achieve goals in Asia without tying up the client's key personnel.




A dedicated Ausnindo consultant appointed to every client, working with the client team on-shore and off-shore, creates a seamless integration with the client's own executive and marketing teams.


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