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Joint Ventures

Whether market or industry focussed or on a project specific basis, joint ventures are often a sensible and practical market entry option. However, committing a company to a joint venture in Asia, must be carefully considered and executed. Mismatched joint ventures are arduous and costly. The task, finding the right partner, arriving at a workable structure within a given time frame and budget.

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific has guided the establishment of a great variety of successful and profitable joint ventures in the subject region. We can advise and make recommendations on preparing the partner/JV profile. We guide and assist management in identifying and evaluating potential JV partners and options. On completion of company searches and trading data, we rate the prospective partner(s) commercial worth and standing. On having selected a partner, we can assist and advise the client on progressing the venture to formalisation and operational status.

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific has an outstanding track record, in establishing pedigree joint ventures, one of the firm's core activities.


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We understand how to position clients, set and achieve goals in Asia without tying up the client's key personnel.




A dedicated Ausnindo consultant appointed to every client, working with the client team on-shore and off-shore, creates a seamless integration with the client's own executive and marketing teams.


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