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Market Entry Feasibility and Planning

MEF programs are often confused with or incorrectly promoted under market research or market entry planning. A "Market Entry Feasibility" is in fact a discrete task module, aimed at testing the feasibility, whether a business or consortium, should and can go off-shore. The issues MEF address and consider are:

  • What is the potential in Asia for a company's product,
    technology or services and can they compete?

  • Are the key resources, including personnel, production, logistics and budgets appropriate to the task?

  • What are the strategic market entry alternatives? What are the competitive domestic and international market

  • Which department or individuals are best suited to develop and implement the off-shore strategies and programs?

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific MEF programs are designed to assess, test and report on the perceived off-shore potential of any enterprise, its product, technology or service. MEF assignments interface with and report at MD or senior management level.

MEP programs provide the answers to "What? How? and When?" in terms of Market Entry Planning, further progressing MEF originated information and decisions.

Market Entry Planning is essentially driven by the department or individuals charged with the development and implementation of the company's off-shore initiatives, under the guidance and recommendations put forward by Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific .

Among others MEP, programs bring to account market forces and trends, commercial, cultural and political influences, cyclical and competitive elements, budgetary and related considerations, agenda and geographical entry destination, serviceable in-market operational structure, regulatory and procedural implications.

The product, a correspondingly balanced, practical and manageable Market Entry Plan.


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We understand how to position clients, set and achieve goals in Asia without tying up the client's key personnel.




A dedicated Ausnindo consultant appointed to every client, working with the client team on-shore and off-shore, creates a seamless integration with the client's own executive and marketing teams.


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