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Project Engineering

This is where money is made or lost, success or failure decided. Where, during the project seeding phase, a joint venture or other type of business arrangement has formed, PE is the next step in the commercialisation process.

Project engineering determines the business footprint, mechanics and commercial agility of the newly forged enterprise. First and foremost however, this evolutionary process has to successfully marry two intrinsically different commercial cultures. Project engineering brings to account and consolidates a variety of business disciplines, which are configured and blended to satisfy that ventures specific aims, needs and objectives.

Considering the dynamics of the Asian economics, notwithstanding procedural, cultural, commercial and language differences, qualified project engineering consulting support is a sound investment.

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific has successfully discharged numerous off-shore project engineering assignments in either a project management or consulting capacity.



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We understand how to position clients, set and achieve goals in Asia without tying up the client's key personnel.




A dedicated Ausnindo consultant appointed to every client, working with the client team on-shore and off-shore, creates a seamless integration with the client's own executive and marketing teams.


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