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The rate of return on a client's investment in Ausnindo consultants and services can be exceptionally high.

Australian Partners

  Jennifer McQueen
    Managing Partner

  Peter Wentzki
    Founder & Senior Partner

Executive Team



Ausnindo Consultants are the face of our business for our clients.  Instead of working with a range of staff to discuss their project or any of the myriad logistics associated with each assignment, each client is assigned a dedicated consultant who is their personal contact both in and outside Australia.


Not only undertaking the initial research on the client's behalf, the consultant works closely with the client to prepare for and attend meetings, conferences and visits both at home and in the destination.  He or she attends your premises, gets to know you and your operation and is by your side every day of your international visit, assisting in those negotiations. At the beginning and end of the day, ready to brief and debrief you on the next step.




Ausnindo Associates, based in our Australian and overseas offices exhibit a high degree of expertise in all aspects of our research and marketing endeavours.  Multi-lingual and experienced negotiators and researchers, they perform a large portion of the ground work for our clients and work closely with each consultant as the assignments develop in complexity.






Our administration team not only support each consultant and their clients in a wide range of tasks but also provide a substantial amount of support to client travel arrangements and logistics associated with international movements.






Each assignment is thoroughly researched before we confirm acceptance.  Our research team also closely monitor commercial and political influences for all consultant and client activities both on-shore and off-shore. They also collect and review the background material for all new project seeding ventures.




Ausnindo's reputation for integrity and dependability is known throughout the services industries.

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