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Ausnindo's birthplace - Brisbane by night

Although Ausnindo (AAP) has a strong international presence, our axis of operations is the Pacific Rim - the gateway to Asia, which tends to be our primary client focus


In the late 1970's, Australia's key export sectors were dominated by wheat, wool, sugar and mineral resources, supplemented by some major manufacturers and accidental exporters.

In the early 1980's the nation's view on the scope and potential returns from international business began to broaden, fuelled by the varieties and market volumes demanded by the USA and Europe.

Geographical isolation limited the exposure of Australian companies to foreign culture, business and commercial practices.  The first firm dedicated to offering international business consulting services to the Australian business community, ITC Australia, (International Trade Communications) opened its doors in Brisbane in 1985.

The founding principle of this visionary enterprise was to help guide and support the internationalisation of Australian business, by providing a range of specially tailored off-shore business consulting services.

By 1993, domestic and international recognition, a diversified client base and results attained, lead to the establishment of the first overseas office in Jakarta, Indonesia and the re-badging of ITC Australia as Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific.  In 1997,  Jennifer McQueen joined the firm, and was appointed as Managing Partner in 2000, moving the base of operations from Brisbane to Melbourne.

Ausnindo Today - over two decades later ...




Ausnindo claims more than two decades of in-market experience in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Canada, Pacific Rim and Asia in particular.



Within our profession, our success rate for identifying suitable foreign markets and our skills in the engineering of profitable and durable business ventures for our clients are long recognized. Our clients frequently compliment our teams' strategic focus, practical services and depth of in-country experience.

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