Questions to ask your client

Lawyers need to ask various questions to their clients to know the mental state, their problems and their perspectives. Of-course this is your right to know the answer to resolve your doubts. This is one of the fundamentals of law. Every year many law students pass the law exams and become an attorney. But to make a difference among all those you have to be upfront for your clients. But what to ask is the biggest question that arises for those who are new in this field. Lawyer should ask open-ended questions to get the information about clients.

These are some of the questions you can ask to your new clients to know them in a better way-

Why you came to me? The first question you should ask to your client is why you came to me and this is how you will know why he/she chose you amongst so many TrueTrials-Pro, what positive points he considered about you. These positive points can help you to increase your confidence.

Do you have any reference? Ask him/her for the reference so that you will be able to understand how you attracted your client and what marketing strategies you should follow to attract more clients. This will help you to know about your popularity as an attorney and you can improve your services in order to get more high paying clients.

Tell me about yourself: To be an effective attorney this is important to understand more and more about your client. Can you tell me more about yourself? Is the perfect question to know about your client? Most clients love to express their anger, anxiety and emotions and this would increase your connections with them.

What are your doubts about this case? During the first meeting they share so many doubts and it will help you to understand the expectations of your clients and what quality of work the client wants from you.

Am I the first lawyer or you are associated with someone else? It is possible that client was previously associated with other attorney. So ask your client gently if he/she has worked with someone else and after knowing this you can be specific about his/her needs.

Why you left your previous attorney? Your next question will be why he/she left the previous attorney and what he/she disliked about that lawyer? So you can improve yourself accordingly and avoid the same mistakes.

Try to get the clear picture of you client’s goal. Listen your client carefully, it will show your respect for your client.

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