Things to Remember While Selecting a Guardian

Guardianship is the court supervised legal process of establishing relationship for the benefit and protection of wards. A legal guardian is a non-parent person who takes care of the child. This includes providing food, shelter, access to education, and medical care. A legal guardian has all the legal responsibilities of a parent with regard to care and support.

The basic difference between guardianship and adoption is that in guardianship you don’t have to terminate child’s legal relation with his/her parents to become his or her legal guardian. Guardianships are generally for children whose parents can no longer take care of them, or for persons over eighteen years old who are declared mentally or physically incapable of doing things.

Following are the things which should be considered while selecting a guardian:

Reputation of the candidate
Before selecting a candidate for guardianship, check for his or her reputation to figure out if the person is suitable to become guardian of the child or not. It must be seen that candidate should be honest, responsible and caring.

Candidate’s criminal record
In some places, candidates with criminal background can’t become legal guardian of a child. Check for the criminal record of the person before giving him guardianship.

Candidate should be responsible
Observe how the candidate takes care of his or her personal matters. For taking the responsibility of a child, the candidate should be levelheaded and sincere.

Educational qualification and profession
Check the educational qualification and profession of the candidate. It’s important to make sure that the person can support the child mentally, physically and financially.

Does candidate have time for ward?
Time and personal care are as important as financial and social support. Before selecting a person for guardianship, make sure that candidate has sufficient time for the ward.

Medical status of candidate
Select only medically fit and sound person as the guardian of the child. Person should be physically and mentally fit for becoming a guardian.

Wish of the ward
Wish of the child plays an important role in guardianship. Give importance to the decision of the child while hiring guardian.

Your attorney can help you in the legal process of guardianship by completing all paperwork and legal formalities.

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